With unprecedented access, award winning filmmaker Dodge Billingsley tells the story of India Company 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine regiment, crack U.S. frontline troops in Iraq. With some as young as 19, the invasion of Iraq was the first time any of them had actually been sent into combat. Experience a day in the life of these young men as they play a vital role in the liberation of Iraq.


With remarkable battle footage, Virgin Soldiers reveals the true story of men who fought their way into the heart of Baghdad.


"I have never seen a more accurate portrayal of war than Virgin Soldiers. The documentary's greatest strength is showing the perspective of war as lived by our junior enlisted Marines."

- Captain Jeff Pool, Public Affairs Officer for the 2nd Marine Division


"With unprecedented access to US troops during the war in Iraq, Billingsley documented a month of fear, doubt, frustration and boredom as ‘India Company’ made its way towards Baghdad. He captured a picture of what life was really like for frontline soldiers, many of them very young – and in combat for the first time - who fought their way into the heart of the city.


Judge’s Comment: You can feel that the soldiers trusted him, which makes it one cut above other features of embedded journalists. Technically outstanding."


- Channel 4 Television


Running Time: 49.00

Technical Specifications: Letterbox

Warning: Strong Language, Graphic Violence

Regions: 1&2

Virgin Soldiers




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