Ukraine Sonata


As the shadow of soviet control slipped away from the former satellite states, Ukraine stepped forward and declared its independence. free of Moscow's grip, hone is the state funding that supported the arts. Music is an abandoned program. Once a source of great pride and honor for the former Soviet Republics, many formerly celebrated musicians are now destitute. Young students of music have an uncertain future.


The spiritual repression of the Soviet era, ironically, inspired creative genius and stands in marked contrast to the state of music today in Ukraine. As communism collapsed, a surge of nationalism emerged in the light of freedom as the population and musicians alike searched for a heritage from a history dominated by Russia.


Ukraine Sonata looks at the years before, during, and after the great "Perestroika" of the Soviet Union and how the Independent Republic of Ukraine is negotiating the changes on a musical level.


Running Time: 26.46

Technical Specifications: Letterbox

Regions: 1&2




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