Swift & Company K:

3/25 Marines Engage in West Africa



On November 10, 2003 members of Kilo Company 3rd Battalion 25th Marine Regiment flew to West Africa to participate in joint training with local military forces in the countries of Ghana, The Gambia, and Senegal.


Swift and Company K follows Kilo Company 3/25 Marines as they interact for the first time with their West African counterparts. As one of only three reserve infantry battalions not activated for deployment since September 11, 2001, this is the unit's first overseas deployment, consisting of a variety of missions including joint patrol, helo insertions, live-fire exercises with multiple weapons, riverine operations, and amphibious landings.


In the context of increased global security concerns, Kilo Company's mission to Africa also marks an increasing US interest in Africa. It also gave the Marines a chance to engage one-to-one with West African soldiers at a time when stereotypes of Africa, Muslims, Christians, and Americans are hazy at best.


Running Time: 58.55

Technical Specifications: Letterbox



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