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Pragmatic Dragon

Fronteira da Grandeza

Although Brazil faces another wave of corruption scandals, it has risen faster than most countries in the past two decades. This rise has given way to a variety of challenges on its vast and mostly open frontier. While the openness of its border has resulted in a cultural melting pot enriching the lives of millions, the relatively easy access has led to a steady flow of illicit international trafficking. Everything that can be smuggled is being smuggled; cigarettes, exotic animals, gasoline, precious metals and timber to name a few. Violence in the favelas, already at historic proportions, is fueled by drugs and guns, much of which enters Brazil unimpeded. Despite the government's efforts to curb the flow of illegal activity and contraband, it faces an unenviable task—made even worse by Brazil’s location adjacent the three top drug producing countries in the world and rampant corruption on an official level. Fronteira provides a glimpse into the challenges facing Brazil’s frontier with implications for the future of Brazil itself as seen through the eyes of those on the frontline of this fight.




Arts of the Monsoon

Long before Picasso, artistic endeavors along the Indian Ocean became a way of life for many. Single mass crafted dhows sailed, convening trade that flourished for hundreds of years, cultivating interwoven, unique gems of music, art, and adornment. This is a journey of many voices coming together to share their intimate stories of connections not readily known. These universal portrayals make up the Arts of the Monsoon for future generations.

                                          Produced for the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art




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