Fog and Friction

War is complicated and has always been so. From Clausewitz, to Jomini to the think-tank of the twentieth century, the military thinker has struggled with the concepts of Fog and Friction. Today friendly-fire incidents, collateral damage, and plans that fall apart under the stress of combat seem unavoidable. Marines from 3rd Battalion 7 Marine Regiment prepare to cross into Iraq during the race for Baghdad, unsure of the enemy’s strength amidst a number of confusing signals. Later, Marines and soldiers from 1st Battalion of the 187th Combat Brigade find themselves on the outskirts of Baghdad, facing a determined enemy conducting operations from a complex urban landscape. In another part of the world, the pilots and gunners of Bravo Company Apaches take heavy fire requiring them to improvise new tactics ad hoc during Operation Anaconda in eastern Afghanistan. So too, the war reporter in both Afghanistan and Iraq also struggles to make sense of his experience, to convey the story of war, often without the operational knowledge that soldiers receive. Fog and Friction seeks to add clarity to confusion by examining war today as it is fought and reported.


Running Time: 56.46 (26.46 version also on disc)

Technical Specifications: Letterbox

Regions: 1&2



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