Mr. Dodge Billingsley, is the Director of Combat Films and Research, a fellow at the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies at BYU, and a senior faculty member at the Naval Post Graduate School's Center for Civil Military Relations.

He has been a long time observer of many wars and contested regions and has spent considerable time with US and foreign militaries world wide including Chechen insurgent forces, Turkish Special Forces and Republic of Korea Marines. He embedded with the United States Marines for the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and embedded again with the US Army's 4-6 Infantry for the closure of Al Asad Air Base and the withdrawal of US forces from Al Anbar Province, western Iraq in December 2011.

After 9/11 Mr. Billingsley was one of the first to cover the war in Afghanistan and was present at both the Qala I Jangi Fortress uprising, which took the life of Johnny Michael Spann, the first US combat casualty in Afghanistan, and also in the battle for the Shah i Kot Valley, known as Operation Anaconda. He served as a stringer for CBS World News in both cases, providing some of the first combat footage of the war for a mass audience.

His has produced a wide variety of media from his field work including two books; Operation Anaconda: America's First Conventional Battle in Afghanistan, recently published by KU Press and Fangs of the Lone Wolf: Chechen Tactics in the Russian-Chechen Wars 1994-2009 recently published by the US Army's Foreign Military Studies Office.

He has also produced and directed many documentary films and won both the prestigious Rory Peck and Royal Television Society awards for Best Feature for the film House of War and was a finalist the following year for his film Virgin Soldiers. He has produced and directed nine films for the Kennedy Center under the series title Beyond the Border. These films include; Helen Foster Snow: Witness to Revolution, Masses to Masses: An artist in Mao's China, Chechnya: Separatism or Jihad? and Global Car. His current film Unfortunate Brothers: Korea's Reunification Dilemma examines the prospects of Korean reunification through the experience of a North Korean defector living in Seoul.

Mr. Billingsley is an avid collector or realism art and serves on the Advisory Board at Utah Valley University's Woodbury Art Museum. He has co-curated numerous exhibits of Chinese Revolutionary and Soviet Social Realism art at various museums in the western United States and is currently developing an exhibit of art produced by the Vietnamese during the war with the United States. An exhibition of including his Soviet military and industrial art is currently showing at the Woodbury Art Museum.

He has lectured extensively at various universities and institutions and is a long time contributor to Jane's Defense Weekly and Jane's Intelligence Review. He has a BA in History from Columbia University and a MA in War Studies from the Dept of War Studies, King's College, London.